Thursday, November 29, 2012

For Everyone

If you have ever thought of having your photo noticeably displayed in New York City's Times Square, Google can help make it happen! 

Google has taken over Time Square, or at least four screens on a marquee. As part of its “For Everyone” campaign that rolled out with the release of the Samsung Chromebook last month, the company has decided to help prove to people why it is so useful to everyone.

Google For Everyone
Photo: Google

If you didn’t notice Google published a new site called Gallery for Everyone to which anyone can upload an image and tell what they use the Chromebook for. For those who want to see their photos in Times Square in New York City, then you can do it right from the site.

Anyone over the age of 13 can submit an image to the site. However, you might encounter some difficulties in uploading. Google says that submissions are limited to certain devices and browsers and recommends that you use a “modern browser like Chrome”.

The page contains an applet that lets you add a photo and then easily add a single "For" caption. Once uploaded, the photos are shared through the website, and, if chosen, on one of the giant screens located in Times Square.

If you want to see where this whole campaign started, you can check out Google’s “For Everyone” video that went public during the Major League Baseball World Series last month.

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