Friday, November 16, 2012

Ultimate IP Changer

Ultimate IP Changer – an easy to use tool that helps you change your settings related to TCP/IP, quickly and easily. 

If you use your computer at several locations in the network, or you need to use your computer in more than one network and you have to switch your IP address settings, then Ultimate IP Changer is a perfect product for you!

Ultimate IP Changer can help you when:
  • You often use laptop in different location, home or office, but each location network configuration is different and you have to switch ip address frequently.
  • You use a fixed computer, but you need to connect different network through changing IP settings frequently. Your computer has installed more than one network adapter
  • Save unlimited number of TCP/IP profiles by meaningful names.
  • View current IP address easily and switch IP address quickly.
  • Switch TCP/IP profile by one-click without rebooting computer.
  • Support multiple network adapters including LAN and wireless.
  • IP Changer is compatible with: Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.
Ultimate IP Changer doesn’t require system rebooting when you change desktop or notebook’s TCP/ IP. It can change your desktop’s network settings with only one-click and also supports static IP and DHC.

Ultimate IP Changer Screenshot

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