Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Google Plus

G+ is the youngest social network and its owners are proud to point out that it is the fastest-growing network. Google Plus has emerged as a response to the dominance of Facebook, which is the absolute leader as a social network with the most users (nearly a billion) and which has certain drawbacks. 

First impressions of G+ are that it is a mixture of Facebook and Twitter, because it has not too many applications, there is no possibility to create separate pages, and events, but there are only profiles of people (and there are sections that represent specific companies and websites which Google deletes) while compared to Twitter, you can leave comments which are unlimited long.

What G+ introduced as a novelty are circles that you create and insert in a different category of "friends". Very soon after the onset of a G+, Facebook introduced a similar thing. When you share something via your status you select circles of people to whom this status will be visible.

Until recently, this network was entered only by invitations, but now the network is open to all of them who wish to join. One of the main reasons why G+ is the fastest growing network is the fact that anyone who has a Gmail account is automatically registered to all other Google's services and therefore on Google Plus.

Currently, this network apart two groups of users: those who have registered but are not active, and those who have embraced this goal and actively share content. This second group is made up mostly of people who have something to do with the IT industry.

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